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Public Health Bulletin (PHB)

The Public Health Bulletin (PHB) is a communication tool which is produced by Field Epidemiology & Disease Surveillance Division (FE&DSD), National Institute of Health to disseminate authentic & timely information regarding priority diseases from provinces and regions of Pakistan. The PHB presents a snapshot of disease status at provincial and district levels to health authorities to implement appropriate public health measures. The various sources of data are IDSR reporting, evidence based surveillance and outbreak investigations. PHB also aids in building capacity of health professionals by giving them opportunity to enhance their skills by writing reports about disease alerts, outbreaks and key public health interventions.

Executive Director Message

Since its establishment, NIH has been dedicatedly contributing to the health sector of Pakistan. Numerous developments have been made in laboratory diagnostics, vaccine and anti-sera production, food and drug quality control, research & development, and various training ventures. The institute is actively involved in the laboratory and field investigation of infectious diseases along with emphasis on human resource development and capacity building.

Prof. Dr. Aamer Ikram
HI(M), SI(M)

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